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mother nature

Who can predict mother-nature mood’s? I don’t think anyone can do that. In the morning it seems it’s gonna be gloomy day but in mid-day, sunshine comes up brightly.

In eastern culture, mother position as a older man or as parents sometimes more higher than father in term of feeling. Have you seen The Curse of Golden Flower recently? One of the royal-family member prefer to choose his mother-side, only to fight his father…(kind of spoiler eh?).

We should treat a nature as it is, as our mother.  Please respect the nature as if it is your mother. For starting, please do not litter.

there’s always a first time

there’s always first time for everything. For instance; trying wordpress. I have heard about this (wordpress services) about three years ago, when I still using blogger for blogging.

But due to my current work, I was  thinking to try for wordpress service. I heard that wordpress over more services-tools for blogging activity. The plan is, I wanna try it first before I use this services for my company blog.

Anyone would care to give me tips and tricks about wordpress? I always welcome….